Evaluation de la durée de conservation des produits alimentaires.

Shelf-life evaluation of foods.

Auteurs : MAN D., JONES A.

Type de monographie : Ouvrage


This revised and updated edition of this book which provides a thorough reference to the shelf-life evaluation of foods, has been expanded to include new chapters on HACCP, preservation technology and shelf life, and minimally processed, ready-to-eat ambient-stable meat products. Extract from the table of contents: the principles (scientific principles of shelf-life evaluation; methodology of shelf-life determination; principles and practice of shelf-life prediction for microorganisms; packaging and food quality; the HACCP system; preservation technology and shelf life); the practice (chilled yoghurt and other dairy desserts; fresh and lightly preserved seafood; ambient packaged cakes; potato chips and savoury snacks; chocolate confectionery; ready-to-eat breakfast cereals; storage of thermally processed foods in containers other than cans; ambient-stable sauces and pickles; frozen foods: how many industries? stability, product characteristics, cold chain; minimally processed, ready-to-eat, and ambient-stable meat products).


  • Titre original : Shelf-life evaluation of foods.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2002-1117
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Sujet : Réglementation
  • Édition : Aspen - Etats-unis/Etats-unis
  • Date d'édition : 2000
  • ISBN : 0834217821
  • Source : Source : ed. 2; 288 p. (18 x 26); fig.; tabl.; ref.; index; USD 149.
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