Qualité du poisson de la pêche au consommateur : étiquetage, surveillance et traçabilité.

Quality of fish from catch to consumer: labelling, monitoring and traceability.

Date : 1900.01.01


This book contains the presentations from the final international CA-FQLM (Concerted Action "Fish Quality Labelling and Monitoring") conference, held at Firenze, Italy, as well as a number of selected papers from previous CA-FQLM meetings. Scientists from various disciplines and all partners in the fishery chain address the important issues of the complexity of the European fishery sector, the attitudes towards quality labelling, industrial standards, new tools for measuring the quality of the catch, as well as recent developments of E-commerce of fish via auctions. Extract from the table of contents: characteristics of the European fishery chain, GMP and needs for quality information; a study of the attitudes of the European fish sector towards quality monitoring and labelling; Tracefish: the development of a traceability scheme for the fish industry; good manufacturing practice on European fishing vessels; weighing and labelling at sea; catch index: development of a tool for measurement of the quality of the catch handling at sea; quality mark for frozen at sea fillets of fish; selling fish on the Internet across Europe: bridge between suppliers and remote demand for fresh fish; visible spectroscopy: evaluation of storage time of ice stored cod and frozen stored hake; measurement of freshness quality of fish based on electrical properties; colour measurement on skin during storage of wet and frozen fish; the view from some European multiple retailers and brand owners on quality and traceability of fish; fish quality labelling systems in Southern Europe; consumers and experts responses to fresh cod fillets; labelling, price and packaging as value indicators in aquaculture: an empirical application for fresh mussels; labelling and product differentiation in the French national market for oysters and mussels.


  • Titre original : Quality of fish from catch to consumer: labelling, monitoring and traceability.
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    Proc. CA-FQLM, Firenze

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