Freezing and quality of meat.

Congélation et qualité de la viande.

Author(s) : GENOT C.

Type of monograph: Book


This book provides an update on scientific knowledge on meat freezing. Fundamentals of physical (heat transfer, thermal aspects and crystallization), microbiological and legal aspects of the process are provided. The physical and biochemical processes leading to reduced yield and juiciness, and changes in the texture, the flavour and the colour of the meat at various stages in the freezing process are described. Means of overcoming these problems are proposed.In-depth analysis of oxidation mechanisms during freezing, along with the impact of oxidation on the flavour and the colour of the finished product is performed. Legal and nutritional aspects are also covered along with more practical aspects such as quality maintenance (selection of equipment, the shelf life of frozen foods).


  • Original title: Congélation et qualité de la viande.
  • Record ID : 2001-2577
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Regulation
  • Publication: Inra editions - France/France
  • Publication date: 2000/06
  • ISSN: 11503912
  • ISBN: 273800931X
  • Source: Source: 100 p. (16 x 24); fig.; tabl.; ref.; FRF 150.
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