How the cold chain works.

Expliquez-moi la chaîne du froid !

Author(s) : GAC A.

Type of monograph: Book, Guide/Handbook


This is an educational book and a guide for non-specialists that one can flick through. Its aim is to answer questions concerning the cold chain. The behaviour of perishable foodstuffs is considered in detail: the notions of "freshness" and "quality" and food risks are dealt with. A chapter is devoted to refrigeration (critical storage temperatures, storage and shelf lives, controlled atmospheres, recommended temperatures), and another, to freezing (influence of the rapidity of freezing and thawing, frosting issues, pre-freezing treatments). Extract from the table of contents: refrigerating systems and machines; behaviour of perishable foodstuffs under refrigeration conditions; chilling (in the case of plant organs, dead tissues and live animals); freezing; other low-temperature applications (freeze-drying; freeze-concentration; cryopreservation of cells and living tissues; cryosurgery); the French cold chain (regulations; networks; cold rooms; refrigerated warehouses; domestic, retail and industrial equipment; means of transportation); risks of broken links in the cold chain; economic justification of the cold chain; refrigeration throughout the world; refrigeration and global protection of the environment.