Seventeenth symposium on thermophysical properties, June 21-26, 2009, Boulder, Colorado.

Date: 2009.06.21 / 2009.06.26

Location: Boulder, United States


This CD-ROM contains abstracts as well as 63 full manuscripts presented at this conference, held in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The conference was organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Joint ASME-AIChE Committee on Thermophysical Properties and was held in conjunction with the 3rd IIR conference on thermophysical properties and transfer processes of refrigerants (see this Bulletin, reference 2009-1828). The conference is concerned with theoretical, experimental, simulation, and applied aspects of the thermophysical properties of gases, liquids, and solids, including biological systems. Appropriate topics are: thermodynamic properties, including equation of state, phase equilibria, p-V-T behaviour, heat capacity, enthalpy, thermal expansion, sound speed, and critical phenomena; transport properties, including thermal and electrical conductivity, viscosity, mass diffusion, thermal diffusion, non-Newtonian behaviour, and thermal, thermoacoustic, and other diffusion waves; optical and thermal radiative properties, including dielectric constant, refractive index, emissivity, reflectivity, and absorptivity; interfacial properties, including solid-solid interfaces, surface tension, interfacial profiles, interfacial transport, and wetting; data correlation, including data evaluation and prediction, standard reference data, databases, and storage and retrieval of thermophysical-property data.


  • Original title: Seventeenth symposium on thermophysical properties, June 21-26, 2009, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Organiser : NIST, AIChE, ASME
  • Record ID : 2009-1830
  • Languages: English
  • Number of articles: 0
  • Publication: Nist (national institute of standards and technology) - United states/United states
  • Series number: 17
  • Conference type: Other conference (non-IIR)
  • Notes:

    Proc. 17th Symp. thermophys. Prop., Boulder

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