Transport properties of foods.


Type of monograph: Book


This book in the Food science and technology series covers the transport properties of food materials and systems: viscosity, moisture diffusivities, thermal conductivity and diffusivity, transport of small molecules, permeability of small molecules, and heat and mass transfer coefficients. Extract from the table of contents: transport properties of gases and liquids (analogies and molecular basis of transport processes: ideal gases, thermodynamic quantities, real gases; prediction of transport properties of fluids; tables and data banks of transport properties); food structure and transport properties; rheological properties of fluid foods (models: effect of temperature and concentration; viscometric measurements; rheological data); transport of water in food materials (diffusion of water in solids; determination of mass diffusivity in solids; moisture diffusivity in model food materials: effect of temperature; drying mechanisms; water transport in foods; moisture diffusivity compilation of literature data for food materials; diffusivity and permeability of small solutes in food systems; thermal conductivity and diffusivity of foods (measurement, data: unfrozen foods, frozen foods, analogy of heat and mass diffusivity; modelling of thermal transport properties; compilation of thermal conductivity data of foods; thermal conductivity of foods as a function of moisture content and temperature; heat and mass transfer coefficients in food systems.


  • Original title: Transport properties of foods.
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  • Publication date: 2001
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