Heat, energy and refrigeration.

Author(s) : ALDER G.

Type of monograph: Book, Guide/Handbook


This guide book of fundamentals gives practical instructions on the theories and pitfalls of refrigeration science as applied to air conditioning systems for the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. It sets out to "unravel refrigeration's mysteries". After more than 25 years of teaching and training technicians, following upon many years of trouble-shooting in the field as a technician himself, the author has blended his well-tried training material, published articles and technical papers into one, easy-to-read and understand manual. Extract from the table of contents: heat and energy; latent heat, and the operation of a refrigerant; the pressure-enthalpy diagram; evaporators and compressors; compressor performance; condensers and liquid receivers; evaporator liquid food control; refrigeration system ancillaries; system lubrication and compressor malfunction; compressor electrical failure, and control considerations.


  • Original title: Heat, energy and refrigeration.
  • Record ID : 2005-2888
  • Languages: English
  • Publication: Geoff alder technical - South africa/South africa
  • Publication date: 2004
  • ISBN: 0620310332
  • Source: Source: 232 p. ( 21 x 29.7); fig.; phot.; tabl.; ZAR 480 + postage.
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