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  • Scalp cooling device: prevent hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

    Scalp cooling device may help reduce hair loss for women with breast cancer receiving chemotherapy.

    • Publication date : 2017/02/21
  • Refrigerant contamination

    In its "White Paper: Reports of R134a Contaminated with R40 and Other Refrigerants”, AHRI suggests that in addition to R40 and R22, R142b, R152a, and R12 have also been found mixed with R134a in newly filled refrigerant cylinders marked as...

    • Publication date : 2013/06/18
  • Incidents with fake refrigerants

    Incidents involving fake refrigerants have hit the headlines on various occasions recently. The incidents often involve R40 (methyl chloride), a hazardous chemical compound, or other substances.

    • Publication date : 2012/08/17
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updates its list of low GWP refrigerants

    The US EPA has added new lower GWP refrigerants and expanded the acceptable uses of others in its latest changes to the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) programme.

    • Publication date : 2017/08/24
    • Subjects: Environment, HFCs alternatives
  • Fake refrigerants cause havoc

    A series of reefer explosions could have been caused by impure refrigerants

    • Publication date : 2012/03/19
  • Immersion cooling: a high-performance plant-based fluid

    A U.S. food company has created an immersion cooling fluid for data centres made from 90% vegetable oil.

    • Publication date : 2022/11/28
    • Subjects: Technology
  • HFO-1234yf news

    HFO-1234yf, developed by DuPont and Honeywell as a substitute for HFC-134a in mobile air-conditioning applications in response to EU 2006/40 Directive which bans the use of refrigerants with a GWP higher than 150 in new types of vehicles by...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/04
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment market in the US

    According to a new Freedonia market study, demand for commercial refrigeration equipment in the US is expected to increase 3.1% per year through 2018 to USD 10.7 billion.

    • Publication date : 2014/05/20
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Natural refrigerants: a key tool for the future

    The IIR's interest in natural refrigerants is relatively longstanding and it is a real pleasure to be able to say that. Companies using refrigerants today are looking more and more to natural refrigerants and governments are finally really seeing...

    • Publication date : 2005/10/26
  • US: EPA proposes new alternative automobile AC refrigerants

    EPA is proposing to list two refrigerants, HFC-152a and CO2, as acceptable alternatives for motor vehicle air-conditioning systems, provided that the automotive industry complies with the necessary conditions to deploy them in a safe manner. These...

    • Publication date : 2007/01/24
  • ICR 2019: an overview of current refrigeration research (part I)

    Presentation of the main scientific and technical topics covered in the papers of the 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration and summary of some of the 14 keynotes.

    • Publication date : 2019/09/30
    • Subjects: HFCs alternatives
  • Alternative mixtures for R134a

    A NIST study identifies 23 non-flammable or slightly flammable mixtures as R134a alternatives in air conditioning.

    • Publication date : 2019/08/29
  • R&D topics

    In this issue of the Newsletter dedicated to environmental issues, we present several initiatives related to promising refrigeration technologies or applications which have the potential to decrease the environmental impact of refrigeration plants...

    • Publication date : 2007/08/05
  • The HCFC phase-out challenge (3)

    The decision taken in September 2007 by the signatory countries of the Montreal Protocol to accelerate by 10 years the HCFC phase-out schedule entered into force and became binding to all Parties on May 14, 2008 (see the official notification:

    • Publication date : 2008/08/12
  • Briefs: China interested in NH3/CO2 and R-32 as HCFC alternatives

    Late April 2010, China took a step in the quest for alternative refrigerants in the context of the HCFC phase-out under the Montreal Protocol (freeze of HCFC production in 2013 and complete phase-out in 2030). Instead of switching to high-GWP...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/04
  • Thermophysical properties of HFC refrigerants

    Thermophysical properties of over 100 HFC refrigerants, including single-component and blends.

    • Last update : 2022/06/17
    • Langues : English
    • Themes : HFCs, HFO et HCFO, Blends
  • Thermophysical properties of HFO refrigerants

    Thermophysical properties of over 50 HFO refrigerants, including single-component and blends.

    • Last update : 2022/06/17
    • Langues : English
    • Themes : HFO et HCFO, Blends
  • Thermophysical properties of hydrocarbon refrigerants

    Thermophysical properties of over 20 hydrocarbon refrigerants, including single-component and blends.

    • Last update : 2022/06/17
    • Langues : English
    • Themes : Hydrocarbons, Blends
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants

    Hydrocarbons such as R290 (propane), R600a (isobutane) or R1270 (propene/propylene) are low GWP non-toxic natural refrigerants with excellent thermodynamic properties. They offer an...

    • Last update : 2022/06/22
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Hydrocarbons, Containment, refrigerant charge reduction
  • Cryogenic nitrogen in the food and beverage industry

    The adoption of cryogenic processes in the food and beverage industry is predominantly driven by liquid nitrogen (LIN), and it is the preferred candidate for food chilling and...

    • Last update : 2023/11/07
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Freezing of foodstuffs
  • Liquefied Natural Gas: production process and cold energy recovery

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled to about -160 °C and turned into a liquid to facilitate transportation and storage. A typical LNG supply chain...

    • Last update : 2023/06/23
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : LNG and LPG
  • Ice cream manufacturing, environmental impact and market data

    From a physico-chemical point of view, ice cream is a complex, frozen multiphase mixture. The manufacturing process includes several stages of freezing which are described in this...

    • Last update : 2023/06/30
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Ice creams
  • Additive manufacturing of heat exchangers

    In the refrigeration industry, additive manufacturing (colloquially referred to as “3D printing”) makes it possible to fabricate novel, complex and potentially more energy efficient...

    • Last update : 2022/09/07
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Evaporators, condensers and other heat exchangers
  • Nanorefrigerants

    Nanorefrigerants are created by adding nanoparticles in suspension to a base refrigerant. They have a thermal conductivity that is 15% to 104% higher than that of the corresponding...

    • Last update : 2022/06/17
    • Langues : English, French
    • Themes : Nanofluids