Task Force Decision XX/8 report: assessment of alternatives to HCFCs and HFCs and update of the TEAP 2005 supplement report data.

Author(s) : ONU Environnement (ex-PNUE), KUIJPERS L., VERDONIK D.

Type of monograph: Report


This report of the UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, responds to the request by Parties in Decision XX/8, paragraph 1. It describes the alternatives to HCFCs and HFCs as well as current market penetration for all relevant sectors and sub-sectors, including refrigeration and air conditioning, foams, fire protection, solvents and inhaled therapy. It presents updated data (compared to 2005) on ODS and HFC banks and emissions for fire protection, foams, and refrigeration and air conditioning. Extract from the table of contents: domestic refrigeration (new equipment options; service of existing equipment; non-in-kind alternative technologies; product energy efficiency improvement technologies; refrigerant annual demand); commercial refrigeration (refrigerants in use; refrigerant options for new systems); industrial refrigeration; unitary air conditioning (current situation; potential HFC replacements: HFC-32, HFC-132a, HFC-1234yf, hydrocarbons, CO2); chiller air conditioning (types of chillers; current situation; potential HFC replacements); vehicle air conditioning (options for future mobile air-conditioning systems); alternative foam technologies (foams and other products for insulation and non-insulation applications); fire protection; solvents. The full report as well as the executive summary can be downloaded from: http://ozone.unep.org/Assessment_Panels/TEAP/Reports/TEAP_Reports/teap-may-2009-decisionXX-8-task-force-report.pdf. A 9-page executive summary in French can be downloaded from: http://ozone.unep.org/Meeting_Documents/dialogue_on_high_GWP/WORKSHOP-4-3F.pdf.