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Ammonia Refrigerating Systems, Renewal and Improvement.

Date: 2005.05.06 / 2005.05.08

Location: Ohrid, North Macedonia


The proceedings of Ammonia Refrigerating Systems, Renewal and Improvement, an IIR conference involving Commissions B2 with B1 and D1, held in Ohrid, Macedonia (FYROM), on May 6-8, 2005 comprise 29 papers. Topics: - Past present and future use of ammonia - Design of modern ammonia systems and technological innovation: Current and future use of natural refrigerants and environmental aspects; low-charge NH3 technology and charge minimization; plate heat exchangers; direct expansion of ammonia systems; compatibility of ammonia and metals, and ammonia and (miscible) oils - Energy efficiency of ammonia refrigeration: Comparison: ammonia and fluorocarbon-based systems; ammonia - indirect cooling compared with direct evaporation of HCFCs and HFCs; NH3/CO2 and other cascade systems; CO2 systems; supermarket systems - Applications of ammonia refrigeration: Cold stores, food industries, supermarkets, air-conditioning systems, heat pumps, water chillers. Expansion in applications with lower size capacity; NH3 systems with CO2 as secondary refrigerant; NH3 absorption chillers in district cooling; dual-energy heat recovery systems using NH3/water mixtures; ammonia/dimethyl ether (R723) - Ammonia systems in developing countries: Renewal and improvements, technical assistance. Renewal in the context of substantial energy savings. Papers: 29 (in english)

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  • Original title: Ammonia Refrigerating Systems, Renewal and Improvement.
  • Organiser : IIF-IIR
  • Record ID : 2005-2344
  • Languages: English
  • Number of articles: 27
  • Publication: Iif-iir - France/France
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  • ISSN: 01511637
  • ISBN: 2913149405
  • Conference type: IIR Conference
  • IIR commissions: Refrigerated storage, Thermodynamics & transfer processes, Refrigerated storage, Thermodynamics & transfer processes, Refrigerating equipment, Refrigerating equipment
  • Notes:

    Proc. Ohrid Conf., IIR


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